Global Warming Persuasive Speech Writing Prompts

When you’re writing a speech, it’s easy to be nervous. Fear of public speaking is more common than a fear of spiders, or of heights. As long as you’re fully prepared, just stick to your written speech. In this article there are a few different ideas for how you can write your speech on global warming and what to talk about. Whichever topic you pick, there are many different angles or approaches you could take on any one of these to make it more original and interesting to your audience.

  1. Natural Causes
  2. This topic is one that’s easy to defend. Methane gas is the most known cause of contributing to global warming, and is made from a release occurring in the wetlands and arctic tundra. Other things, like earth’s cycles of climate change can affect the warming of the planet.

  3. Man-made Causes
  4. These causes likely do the most damage of them all. And pollution is the biggest monster. Pollution can come in many different ways. Talk about burning fossil fuels and how they expel CO2 into the air.

  5. Polar Ice Caps Melting
  6. Melting of the ice caps will cause many unfortunate things to happen. Talk about sea levels rising, because of the new water from previously solid ice. Also, since the ice caps are just water, the melting will desalinate the ocean, mess up currents and even kill entire species of fish.

  7. Population
  8. As there are more and more people in the world, they need more food and more transportation to survive. So it just makes sense that more people equals more global warming, because of the release of naturally occurring methane gas from all over the world.

  9. Spread of Disease
  10. The higher temperatures global warming is causing makes northern countries more susceptible to disease that normally would have died off in the cold weather. This will allow more illness to spread and survive longer in the warmth.

  11. Increased Droughts and Heat Waves
  12. The probability of these natural phenomena will increase, because of higher sea levels there is more water to be able to flood cities, and the higher temperatures will affect places normally not affected by heat waves. Insects are able to migrate further north than ever before, carrying plague and malaria with them.

  13. More Hurricanes
  14. Since the ocean temperature is rising, this makes hurricanes more deadly and more common.