Things to Consider When Writing an Essay on Responsibility

Students are often given the task of writing essays with open-ended topics rather than questions. Those topics usually include single-words like integrity, racism, honor, and courage. One of the most common topics is responsibility. When you are tasked with writing about responsibility there are several things to consider.

Know the Purpose of Your Essay: The first consideration for any type of essay is the purpose of the essay. In many cases, when students are given the assignment to write about responsibility, they are supposed to write an extended definition essay. This means that students need to write about the meaning of the word and examples of the word in action. If you are assigned the word in a literary essay, then you have to show how the word is used in the literature that you have been reading. In a persuasive essay, you would use the idea of responsibility to convince your readers to agree with or disagree with you. If you are assigned a descriptive or informational essay, you will need to provide substantial information about your topic.

Follow the Formula: Essays need to have an expected formula. Be sure to include a strong, attention-getting beginning that includes a clear thesis statement. The middle of your essay should include the meat of the essay, where you explain, persuade, or inform your reader about responsibility. Once you have included enough in the middle, you then should wrap up the essay in an effective way that leaves your reader wanting to take action or thinking about the responsibility.

Use Honest Examples: Examples bring essays to life. So when you provide examples of responsibility, it is vital that your examples show honest responsible actions. The best writers write about what they know, so include examples from your life or from the lives of people that you know. Your readers will enjoy your essay if you can draw them in with exceptional examples.

Edit and Revise: Before you submit any essay for grading, it is vital that you take time to edit your essay. Look for common errors with punctuation and grammar. It is also important to check for overuse of words, because a concise essay is more effective than a wordy one. Ask a friend to read through your essay so you can get feedback from fresh eyes. Be sure that your essay is the best it can be before you turn it in to your instructor.