Writing Ideas Behind a Christmas Carol Essay

‘A Christmas Carol’ has long been a beloved, cautionary tale for children and adults the world over. Since Charles Dickens first composed it, it has inspired additional stories, movies and other adaptations that inspire the readers and viewers of the world. A masterful and iconic piece, it is a favorite of most teachers, who assign the reading with enthusiasm. Students, however, have far less to be enthusiastic about – especially if reading ‘A Christmas Carol’ comes with the unexpected surprise of having to write an essay on the book!

Writing an essay on ‘A Christmas Carol’ is a traditional way for teachers to gauge how much students have grasped of the text. However, students find it irritable. They can’t event begin to think up a general writing idea for the text, let along ramble on about for a few pages! Luckily, we’ve discovered a few writing ideas that may help you get started on that essay.

A Christmas Carol Writing Prompts

The following prompts, both general and obscure, reveal some of the major ideas that children can write on regarding ‘A Christmas Carol.’ Study the choices below to help you with your essay.

  • Modern contribution to Christmas. By this, we mean: how is this story related to modern-day Christmas beliefs and celebrations? Can you draw a parallel between the underlying meaning of Christmas in the novel, to the meaning of it today? As such as central part of the book and our everyday lives, this would be a great writing prompt.
  • Symbolic meaning. There is tons of symbolism in ‘A Christmas Carol’ – so much that the book itself is practically a symbol. You can overview the symbolic meaning of the story, the symbolism in events, items or sayings, or simply the symbolic representations of characters themselves. You can even view the symbolism behind the very holiday of Christmas!
  • Social order. A societal structure and societal rules apply heavily in the course of ‘A Christmas Carol.’ Consider the disparities between rich and poor, compare and contrast their values, and even their views of the Christmas holiday. This will make for an interesting commentary on the social order and the value systems at different levels of society. You may even end up critiquing the society itself!
  • Religion. A central feature of the book, religion is addressed in many ways. Even the concepts of death and redemption that flood the novel are related to religious aspects. Exploring this feature of the novel is an ideal writing idea.