Informative Essay Writing: What to Avoid

While writing in nearly all of its forms requires that the writer is innovative and creative, informative writing has all its own set of guidelines. Informative writing is an art form all itself and while there are several guidelines to follow during informative essay writing, there are also just as many things to avoid.

Informative writing is often considered to be the kind of writing that requires at least some level, if not a very high level, of research. It is not the creative, short story kind of writing but rather requires that the writer know the material and be able to formulate cohesive thoughts based on research. It is a formal style of writing with no opinion, personal experience, or informal speech. Therefore, it can be easy to make mistakes when writing an informative essay. There are, in fact, several things to leave out of an informative essay and there are also several pitfalls to avoid:

  1. Using Contractions. This lessens the formality of the essay and saying things like “won’t” and “can’t” should be avoided. Informative essays are professionally written and are extremely polished.
  2. Subjective Reasoning. All research should be relayed objectively. It should be free from opinion or personal experience. If only facts are relayed, there is really no room for personal opinion or preferences.
  3. Informal Speech. All informative essays should be written in a formal, academic, and professional manner. This means that there should be a minimum, if any, influence from creative or anecdotal stories. It should simply be relaying facts and research.
  4. Biases. It is crucial to avoid all biases when writing an informative essay. This is not the place for opinion, prejudice, or any kind of bias. Rather, an informative essay is used to relay researched information to an audience.
  5. First Person Pronouns. There should be no “I” or “my” in an informative essay. It is also important to avoid the second person as well. This essay should be written as formally as possible, and always in the third person.

There are many ways to make mistakes when writing an informative essay but following the guidelines outlined here is a good place to start. Because informative essays are formal, ensuring that only fact and researched topics are included is a good rule of thumb when writing this type of essay. As long as the piece is free from opinion and maintains its professionalism, an informative essay can really convey a great deal of information to its audience.