Free Research Papers – How Can They Be Useful?

Free research papers seem too good to be true. Using a free research paper seems like it would be the easiest way to an A grade; but in reality, a turning in a free research paper as your own is the easiest way to an F and a charge of plagiarism. Even though you should not turn in a free research paper as your own, you can use free research papers to help you craft your own unique paper.

History of Research Papers

Teachers have been assigning research papers for decades and students have been copying them for just as long. In the past, students would turn in their older brothers’ or sisters’ papers and they would be able to get away with it. Now, teachers can use plagiarism checking software to find research papers online. Even if teachers do not have plagiarism checking software, they can still use the Internet to find out whether or not a paper was stolen.

Uses for a Sample Paper

So, instead of stealing a research paper and using it as your final product, you can use a research paper to help you write your own. These are a few different ways you can use a free research paper:

  • To narrow down a topic
  • To model a good introductory paragraph
  • To model a good body paragraph
  • To model the bibliography or works cited page
  • To model the structure of your research paper
  • To model the development of a high-quality argument
  • To learn what not to do in a research paper
  • To learn where to put in-text documentation

Do Not Write Blindly

Many students do not ever get to see a full sample of a research paper, so they are blindly writing the paper. This is where a free research paper can help. Even if the paper is not well-crafted, it can serve as a model. Many students do not know what they should write in each paragraph and a sample paper can serve as a model to guide the progression of the paper.

Help with Style

Using a paper as a sample can also help with adding transitions and other useful words. Students often become very nervous when they write and having a model nearby can reduce the stress of writing. If you want to be sure not to copy the research paper, choose a free one that discusses a topic that is totally different from the one you are writing.