How to Write a Descriptive Essay in 5 Steps

Descriptive essays are the type of essays in which writer has an opinion which he wants to settle. He provides arguments on that opinion to convince reader of his thesis or opinion. Descriptive essays simply describe arguments and facts related to a particular opinion or thesis statement. Descriptive essays have simple structure. It starts with introductory paragraph leading to the main body of essay and ending at concluding paragraph. Main body in a descriptive essay comprises of two or three paragraphs. The number of paragraphs in main body depends on the arguments that are going to be presented. Following are five steps to write a descriptive essay:

  1. choose an interesting topic:
  2. Finding a topic for your descriptive essay is not simple. Many students think that they can write successfully on any topic they choose or topic selection does not matter. Yes, it does. The topic must always be chosen according to your interest. The reason behind this is that if you choose topic in which you have interest, you will have a motivation behind it. Once you have found that motivation and reason to write on that topic, it is no more difficult to build a thesis statement or finding your stance. But make sure that you have arguments for the topic that you are going to choose.

  3. plan your descriptive essay:
  4. The next step after choosing topic of the essay is to plan your essay. This plan includes how you will develop your thesis statement and gathering your whole knowledge of your topic. It also includes how you will conclude your essay. This plan is very useful as it saves time while you are writing your essay and keeps you focused on essay writing.

  5. develop a thesis statement:
  6. When you start writing your essay, the first step is to formulate a thesis statement. Thesis statement is one statement that introduces reader to the topic and opinion of reader. By reading thesis statement, reader has a clear of discussion that follows.

  7. build arguments to support your thesis statement:
  8. Once you have written introduction, you will write one paragraph for each argument. There will be two or three paragraphs in main body, each containing one argument and its explanation.

  9. concluding paragraph:
  10. The last step of descriptive essay is to summarize all that has been discussed in the essay. It also includes paraphrasing thesis statement and repetition of arguments in some way.