Business ethics essay topics: discussing ethical principles and problems

Business ethics is a complicated field that requires a great deal of evaluation. As a student you will be required to discuss ethical principles and problems in a business ethics course. This might seem daunting at first but it is important to remember that a research paper for business ethics is no different stylistically than any other research paper. You have to conduct thorough research and make a sound argument supported by evidence.

One strategy to create a winning paper is to come up with a topic that interests you. This is because you want to spend your time doing something that you are very interested in. You will spend a lot of time in all this and you don’t want to struggle a lot in your quest for a good paper. A simple topic is not only easy to research but it is also easy to find information on.

The best topic to select from is definitely based on a topic that you are interested in. They are also good topics that you have a specialty on. If you are working on an accounting paper, you can consider the following paper.

  • An evaluation to the success of eco-accounting in the finance department
  • What extent do big companies like Apple hide intellectual capital from financial statements
  • What is the role of audit committees in Qatar?
  • Critically analyze the performance of a media company which uses SWOT analysis
  • Using Z score analysis, create an analysis of Hilton Hotel
  • What is the impact of business education to the behavior of business leaders
  • Draw a clear comparison of international accounting standards
  • Conduct an analysis to the role of auditors in the global financial crisis
  • Critically review the financial requirements for NGO accounting
  • Write on the role of accounting ethics on the environment and cultural concerns

Look over these other topics below on more generalized issues and see if any of them stand out and can be converted into a business ethics title. Remember that these act as a guide:

  • Write about whether or not all forms of welfare provided by the government should be done away with
  • Discuss whether both parents should be legally required to assume equal responsibility when it comes to raising their child
  • Analyze whether business performance would increase if Americans were given longer vacations and more holidays like in Europe