Education And Government Funding

The education of a nation is absolutely crucial for the development of the economy, culture and society rules in that country. In most of the parts of the world out there, education comes both as a free option and as a paid one, at different levels. However, from India to Russia and from Japan to the United States of America, state-funded schools exist at least up to the level of high school in most of the cases.

The rules according to which a school (or a level of education) is funded or not by the state depend on the state itself. In most of the European countries, for example, the governments pay for the education of their people up to high school. In Germany, Austria and France, going to college costs somewhere around a few hundred dollars.

Some of the Northern countries in Europe offer free schooling for college for all its citizens (and sometimes even for those who are just from one of the EU states). As for UK, college does cost there as well (and sometimes the sums of money can get very large). Still, every UK or EU citizen has the right to ask for a loan from the Government in order to cover for their tuition fee only. They will start paying off the debt the minute they started to earn something that exceeds a certain amount of money.

In the United States, there are both public schools and private schools and people generally believe the latter are better than the first ones because the staff is more willing to work hard and be more honest in their feedback. As for college education, that will most likely cost a lot and it is very rarely funded by the state (or at least not but in very, very special cases). Government funding is available for certain areas of study and although they will not completely cover for all the costs associated with college, it will definitely be more than welcomed.

According to the state in which you live, look for government funding options available out there. If you are a computer science graduate, you will stand a very good chance of getting hired faster and on a better job in general. However, do bear in mind that funds (governmental or not) are available for almost every student out there, regardless of the field in which he/she studies.