Essay Guidelines: How To Write An Elaborate Paper

The first and the most important thing to understand is the type or nature of the paper you are about to write. It can be as elaborate as possible but it must stick to the format as set out by your teacher or tutor. And coming a close second in order of importance as far as essay guidelines are concerned is the fact that you must answer the question. Again, no matter how elaborate is the paper you create, unless it directly and solely answers the question being asked, you have failed. Make a brief note of the question or topic and place it in front of you as you research, plan and write your paper. Keep it constantly in your mind.

Where is your evidence?

You will need to support any argument you make in your paper and to do this you will require evidence. Creating this paper is the same as creating a case in a court of law. You make a point and to substantiate or prove it you present the relevant evidence. This is where your research skills come to the fore. You need to be able to find the evidence and then express it in well written prose.

Do you comprehend the topic?

In order to write an elaborate paper, you must have an overall comprehension of the topic. It is not good enough to understand your point of view, the point of view you wish to make in the paper, but you must also understand the alternative opinion. This is called an overall comprehension. When you have this knowledge, this understanding, you are in the ideal position to create a well-written and well-presented elaborate paper.

Planning is a great help

The ideal way to create an elaborate paper is to write a list of points you intend to make. This is part of the planning stage. This is before you begin to actually write the paper. The more time you spend in the planning stage on noting the points and then on the order in which the points are to be presented, the easier it will be to do the actual writing.

The conclusion tells it all

The whole point of the conclusion is to revisit what has gone before. In as few words as possible, you tell again what you have told already. The conclusion is the crowning glory of your elaborate paper.