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NC Common Agenda

2009 Priorities for the Environment

Conservation Council understands that in order to achieve success, you have to work together.  And so we play a key role in advocating for the  NC Common Agenda: Priorities for the Environment. 

The Common Agenda represents the environmental legislative priorities that have been agreed upon by a network of environmental groups in the state.  While each group may have particular issues they focus on – energy, water, or transportation for example – during the Common Agenda process they come together to work on a select number of priorities during the Legislative Session.  This kind of focus and collaboration is a powerful tool in influencing legislative outcomes, and will help us to begin to regularly set a more pro-active environmental agenda or the state.

The Common Agenda is supported by a growing alliance of environmental organizations across the state.  2009 marks the third year that participating groups have set forth a shared list of priorities. While the Common Agenda represents a set of shared priorities, there will always be other critical environmental issues being considered by the General Assembly, and represented by these and other environmental organizations.

The 2009 Priorities are:
• Clean up Jordan Lake: Enact the proposed Jordan Lake Rules to keep this water supply clean and sustainable.
• Green Jobs & Water Quality: Invest in the Community Conservation Assistance Program (CCAP) to help communities clean up and protect water supplies.
• Water Resources for the Future: Create the framework for better management of our water supplies before a drought dries up our economy and our quality of life.
• Keep our Beaches Public & Natural: Defend our coast from hardened structures.
• Mountain Pride: Create a Mountain Resource Commission to help western North Carolina prosper in a sustainable way.

These priorities have been endorsed by the following organizations:
• American Rivers
• Audubon NC
• Cartaret County Crossroads
• Conservation Council of NC
• Down East Tomorrow
• ECO Environmental and Conservation Organization
• Environment NC
• Environmental Defense Fund
• French Broad Riverkeeper
• Haw River Assembly
• Mountain Voices Alliance
• NC Coastal Federation
• NC Conservation Network
• Neuse Riverkeeper Foundation
• Pamlico-Tar River Foundation
• Penderwatch & Conservancy
• Save Our Slopes-Polk County
• Southern Environmental Law Center
• Western NC Alliance
• White Oak-New Riverkeeper Alliance
• Yadkin Riverkeeper

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