Impact Of Off Shore Oil Exploration On Human Migration

Human migration has deposited many different races and cultures around the world. Geography was able to separate many cultures in history because of the physical obstacles it presented which made people want to remain close to their home. Oceans used to separate different peoples and cultures but now off shore oil exploration has made it possible to not only cross these oceans for the sake of migration but to live on them. Oil companies hire from around the world too. They bring people from all specialties and all countries to come together on the oil rig and work as one where they have the opportunity to share their cultures. Human migration is a process that has occurred naturally throughout history. Many events have encouraged its growth and off short oil exploration is one of them. Off shore oil exploration has encouraged many people in a variety of jobs to move permanently or semi-permanently across the ocean to an oil rig in the middle of the sea. It has encouraged many citizens to leave their homes for long periods of time.

Off shore oil exploration is where an oil company establishes an oil rig in the middle of the ocean far from the shoreline. This rig is set up as-essentially-a floating island where large tunnels lead into the water to retrieve oil in the core of the earth. In order for these rigs to operate they need a great many staff members. Some of those staff members have to remain on site permanently for the duration of their contract because of how far off from shore the oil rig is. Others can come and go every few days or every few weeks. Still others stay for months at a time.

An oil rig requires many hands to operate. There not only need to be engineers and labor hands on deck but there also need to be medical personnel to attend to any needs and fire fighting personnel to ensure the safety of the entire crew. This has caused people from all areas and career fields to actively leave their home and migrate to the off shore location.

Overall off shore oil exploration has led to increased human migration in a fashion never before seen. It has brought many different people from all over the world in a variety of career fields together in a confined space. It has allowed for different cultures and people to mix on what is essentially a floating island in the sea.