4 Tricks for Writing an Observational Essay

Observational essays not only show your academic writing skills, but also your intelligence and your keenness to observe things. An observational essay is about something important you have observed in your life, like a debate, or a political problem.

When writing an observational essay, it is like you are trying to put the reader in your shoes to experience what you have observed, and listen to what you have to say about the subject matter. Below are a few tricks for writing an observational essay.

  1. Choose a perfect topic and write an observational essay in present tense.
  2. Always choose a topic that interests you, something that you have always wanted to write, or something that you possess extensive knowledge about. When writing an observational essay, follow these steps:

    • Brainstorm all your ideas.
    • Prepare outline.
    • Decide your strong points about particular observation.

    By doing these things you will be having a good start on the writing part. Keep in mind that you should use only present tense while writing observational essay. You want the knowledge you present in the essay to be present instead of outdated. By using present tense, you will sound much more convincing to the reader.

  3. Collect your senses and provide complete details.
  4. Use all your senses properly to give the reader each minute detail on your observation. Details are what make the reader fall in love with your writing. Create proper image in a reader’s mind so that he or she will get mixed with your thoughts.

    Always try to strengthen your essay by providing vivid details. This will make your essay more interesting, and readers will get strong impression about what happened. The more clear and detailed you are, the better your reader will understand the situation you are describing.

  5. Use metaphors and precise language to project your essay
  6. Comparisons make situations clear to the readers. If you present them clearly and correctly, your readers will be ready to adopt your thoughts on the observation. Good comparisons make your observational essay strong.

    It is also important to write your observational essay in reflective and precise language. You want your readers to be able to feel like that they are experiencing what you have observed but you do not want them to lose focus of what you are trying to say.

  7. The conclusion part of an observational essay
  8. This is the ending part of your observational essay, but also one of the most important parts that decide the success of your writing. Never mention all details here because conclusion must be short and must conclude all your thoughts in a few lines. Go through your main points, and restate your thesis statement. End your essay with a sentence that will keep the reader thinking.