An Amazing List of Interesting Persuasive Essay Topics

Persuasive essays

Writing an essay can be one tough job because of all the hard work involved. You need to search the right material, make an accurate outline, choose the right topic, follow a certain direction, choose your approach towards the topic, develop a clear stance, and support your stance with strong evidence. This can be much of a job if you are new to essay writing. According to a survey, the most enjoyable form of essay writing is the persuasive essay. Mainly because these essays are based upon personal opinions and the writer has to convince his readers to his point throughout the essay. By the end of the essay, you need to present a strong summary for your essay where you finally win over your audience. Persuasive essays need uniformity and strong writing skills that can enable you to help someone agree to your ideas.

Topic for your persuasive essay

The topic of your persuasive essay is one of the most critical things about your essay. You need to be very careful while choosing the right topic that will serve your purpose. It is recommended that you choose something you feel very confident about and have loads of information to write. This will increase your chances of writing a strong essay

Amazing list of topics for a persuasive essay

  • Old houses are not a good place to leave your parents who brought you up with all the love and care
  • What is the truth behind churches taking up young girls who committed adultery and their children?
  • Peace is not a result of circumstances. Rather peace is a state of mind that one can achieve with self-control
  • Writing is not only an art for some people. It is the meaning of their lives, and the reason they are alive is writing.
  • Books can bring out amazing changes in how people behave, live, act, or love.
  • War is never going to solve a situation for any economy or nation. We should treat the world with peace
  • Taking drugs and performance enhancing sedatives makes people more productive in a way
  • Football celebrities are paid much more than what they deserve.
  • Movies are a good way to teach your children hard facts of life, but the need to be supervised
  • Is hacking website a crime that should have severe punishment