Why use analysis example papers

Writing an analysis essay is a great way to demonstrate the quality of your writing as well as your ability to understand, interpret and draw conclusions from information. It can be hard to work out exactly how to go about it, though. Analysis essays need to be very well structured and there are good and bad ways to present your information, so a little help can sometimes be very welcome.

There are plenty resources online that can help you write a good analysis essay, ranging from guidance on the structure to suggested topics; there are even writing services that will write your essay for you, if you really can't manage. Some of the most useful things, though, are example essays.

Example essays can be found very easily online; a simple search for "sample essay" will get plenty of hits, and you could also add the topic you want to write on to get more specific examples. Look at several examples, so you can get an idea of the most common ways of dealing with the topic and what the different approaches to it are.

What should you be looking at when you read a sample essay? There are a number of ways in which they can help you. Here are a few.

  • Forming a thesis. The thesis - the question the essay is investigating - is a vital part of an analysis essay. If you get it wrong the essay will not make sense. Example essays can show you what an effective thesis looks like.
  • Presentation - There are many ways to express an idea. Some work well for analysis essays, and some don't. Good example essays will show you what to aim for.
  • Inspiration - If you're finding it hard to come up with discussion points, example essays on the same topic will give you some ideas. Be sure not to copy them directly, though.
  • Conclusions - Without a well-written conclusion that makes sense of your discussions the essay will not achieve its aim. Example essays will let you see how a conclusion should look.

No solution is perfect, of course, and there are a few pitfalls to watch out for when using example essays. One of the most common is plagiarism; when you're in a rush to meet a deadline it can be tempting to "borrow" a few lines from an example. If you found it online, though, so can others, and it's likely that your essay will be checked with Copyscape or a similar plagiarism detector. If it finds chunks of plagiarized text you'll have some questions to answer. You also need to be careful that the examples you're using are examples of good essays, because there are plenty of the other sort around as well. Avoid essays published on personal websites, because you don't know what sort of grade they got. Stick to well-run essay sites. Keep these points in mind, though, and example essays can be a big help.