APA Essays - Top 6 Advice

You’ll find a lot of different advice online regarding writing a quality APA style essay. Sometimes distilling all of that information is a bit of a challenge. Here, you’ll find the most helpful tips, narrowed down to the top six that are the most critical to your APA essay writing success.

  1. Choose a Good Subject
  2. The topic of your essay will factor in your success in writing it. Sometimes, it may be the most important factor. Choose a topic which you can research adequately using the resources you have available. Making the research process easier and faster will make the entire assignment far less frustrating.

  3. Create a Strong, Clear Thesis
  4. The second most important piece of advice is to craft a solid, clear thesis that you can competently support. If you’ve defined your thesis well, you’ll have clear direction in both your research and writing and that will lead to a better written final essay.

  5. Organize Your Research Well
  6. Organize your research throughout the process of researching and you’ll save yourself an enormous amount of frustration later on. That means keeping detailed records of your sources, making notes of where to find specific quotes and facts, and keeping all of these records in an easily organized format. Note cards are helpful, but only if you keep them ordered in a way that will assist you later on.

  7. Cite as You Write
  8. While there’s a temptation to go back and insert citations after writing the bulk of the essay, don’t fall for this trap. If you insert your citations thoroughly and correctly from the beginning, you won’t miss anything on the second round of corrections. You also won’t have to worry about losing references to one source that you forgot to insert, and so on.

  9. Use a Word Processing Program that Supports APA Citations
  10. When you sit down to write your essay, utilize a word processing program like the more recent versions of Microsoft Word, which support APA style citations and referencing. If you do, formatting your paper correctly and citing everything without mistakes will be far faster and less frustrating.

  11. Write the Paper “Inside Out”
  12. Have you ever written a paper start to finish, and then had to go back and edit the introduction extensively? And then had to go back yet again and edit other things to fit the new introduction? When books are written, the introduction is written last—you’ll find the same thing is helpful when writing your APA essay.