Writing Tips for Becoming a Teacher Essay

When writing about pursuing an education in education, there are several basic procedures to follow to ensure that you can successfully finish your essay. There are three main steps to follow through with.

  • Ask questions and answer them.
  • Research.
  • Write.

The third step—“Write”—is the more complex area to handle, but we’ll discuss what can help you get through that process.

Ask Questions and Answer Them

Asking and answering questions can serve as a form of brainstorming for your essay. The degree of answers that can be asked can vary, but should be difficult for you to answer. This will allow for you to actually reflect on your answer. The path between the question and the answer will make up a bulk of your paper. Here are some questions to consider:

  • Why is it important to get an education in teaching?
  • The state of the educational system and why more teachers are need.
  • Why teachers are important to the future and cultivating children?
  • Are there plenty of people considering the education field at the moment?
  • How do budget cuts affect the quality of teachers coming into school districts?


This is a good part of the work that will be done in strengthening the legs of your argument. You’ll want to read up on--and take notes of—the facts that support the conclusions you’ve come to. The steps that go into research are few and simple.

  • Read
  • Take notes

You’ll want to take notes of pages and quotes as you come across them. This will be important for when you have to cite a quote in the actual body of your essay as well as reference the books in your bibliography.


Writing is the heavy lifting of the essay. This will include doing drafts and editing to establish a good pacing and flow for your essay. As stated above, research and the logic between questions and answers will be the body of the essay on your teaching. You’ll want to open big with a strong introduction. In the introduction, be sure to give the reader a preview of what will be in the essay. In your closing, you will give the reader a review of what you went over in the essay and give a stronger version of you thesis.