Top 5 Tips for Writing a Graduate Letter of Intent

Graduate students who are willing to attain any school program essentially need a shining letter addressed to the head of the intended school, which is called a letter of intent. A letter of intent mainly contains the candidate’s ideas about their work. Some rules should be maintained while writing a graduate letter of intent, as listed below in details. The main motto of this letter is to express your intentions clearly and concisely.

  • Research in Details- Give a specific subject name.Before writing the letter of intent, make sure you have researched the task thoroughly. Emphasize what you think is important for the project. Always provide the necessary details, so the admission team will think that you possess the knowledge about the subject and you are very enthusiastic.
  • Highlight Personality- Your interest should be stated in the starting lines of your letter. Students should write in such a way which reveals their personality. Then the admission team will understand that the student has an understanding with his work and the student also has creative ideas as well as abilities. Their inspiration will help them to achieve their dreams in quick time.
  • Attach Important Portfolio- The portfolio is the list of work done by the student. Attaching it may help the selection team to understand what type of work the student likes to do, and how qualified the student is on the subject matter. At the end of the letter, never forget to mention that the document is not legally binding.
  • Editing- Never skip the process of editing the letter of content after it is finished. In order to avoid the letter look sloppy, you should check it for spelling and grammatical errors. Read through the letter several times, and keep editing it until you can no longer spot any issues.
  • Good Formatting- Good formatting is extremely important for a letter of content..Always start the letter of intent with a suitable heading and never forget to type the date and time on the topmost left side of the page.The letter should be closed with "Sincerely” and your name should be typed leaving three lines. Type your address, mobile or land number and email address. Your font size should be large and easy to understand for the selection team.Leave ample of space before the recipient’s address. The address should be typed at the left margin as everybody writes it on the envelope.The letter of intent should be printed on formal letter head.