5 book report writing stages

At many stages in the life, you need to write a book review. You must be familiar with the format and structure of a book report. Book reports are similar to the book reviews but there lies a little difference. Book reports are generally bit explanatory. They provide you a little more information about the book’s background while a book review is manipulative in nature. They tend to persuade the reader or audience that whether this book should be read or not. You should include this book to your book collection or not and they serve the similar purpose but talking in broader perspective, they are almost the same things.

If you are interested in writing a book report and you do not have any idea from where to get your work started, here is the idea. This article will provide you with the five major points or steps that you require to write a good book report:

  • Stage 1:

    Before you start to write a book report, you must be familiar with the requirement of the task. You must have the complete idea about book reporting that what you are required to include in it and what not.

  • Stage 2:

    You must read the book carefully for which you are going to write a report. And if you got plenty of time or chance then try to read the book twice. It will help you understanding the book and then you will be able to write a good report. While reading the book for which you are going to write a report, read it by noting down the important lines, events. This stage is most important, here you are going to identify the characters of the book, the roles assigned to the characters, the theme of adding events or twists at certain time period within the book. You will grasp the main idea in this stage.

  • Stage 3:

    In the stage three you are going to make sketch or outline of the main ideas and themes and the ideas that are following the main idea or you can say that sub-themes. You should make this outline right after reading the book or even during the book reading so that you write every point and do not miss any one due to forgetting or any other reason.

  • Stage 4:

    In stage four, you can properly start writing your report by keeping in mind the information you get in stage 3.

  • Stage 5:

    It is the time to sum up and present a conclusion.