Be Attentive when Writing an Expository Essay Introduction

In an expository essay your point is to tell the truth about something, to expose something as the truth or even to expose the truth about a lie. The introduction is an important part of the essay. It is where you first bring up your topic and what you will expose. It is the first thing that people read to get an idea of what the rest of the essay will be about. There are some things to remember when writing an expository introduction.

  • Get the attention of the audience
  • Make the topic clear
  • Make it exciting and intriguing

Get attention

When writing the introduction you want to grab the attention of the reader. You want them to see the introduction as a preview to rest of the essay. If the introduction is good than the reader will expect the rest to be just as good and keep reading. If they have no incentive to read on than they may have a hard time forcing themselves to read the rest. If they do want to read it because you have their attention, than they are more likely to continue to read the rest.

Make the topic clear

You want to introduce your topic. Make it clear what the essay is about. Use different words than you will in the body and conclusion to explain what you are going to tell them and what will be spoken about in this essay. If they have an idea of what the essay is about they can decide how much they will enjoy the read. The whole point of the intro is to introduce the topic, so do it right. Make it clear and well written.

Exciting and intriguing

The more exciting the introduction is, the better it will be to read. You want the reader to want to read onward. In most cases you will be writing this essay for class and maybe similar types of writing for newspaper or other work. If the reader does not want to continue than you have a problem because your grade and/or readership depends on it!

Make sure that the introduction is exactly what is sounds like, an introduction to the essay’s topic. Make it riveting and make it something people will want to read. This is an exciting kind of essay so you should have no problem making the introduction a good one that people will want to read.