Writing an Interesting Evaluation Essay

When going through college, you are often required to write an evaluation essay. The techniques for writing a good evaluation essay in college are not very different with writing an evaluation essay for other purposes. For instance, an employer could require his or her workers to present their opinions on a particular subject; an engineer could be asked to write an evaluation essay about an emerging technology.

It doesn’t matter what you are evaluating. It could be a book, a movie, a piece of art, or a technology. The essence of writing a solid evaluation essay is to clearly express your ideas and thoughts. Below are a few helpful suggestions for writing an evaluation essay.

  • Use concise and clear language to state the subject you are trying to evaluate in the essay. You can accomplish this mission in the title or a heading of your evaluation essay. By doing so, you will be able to grab the reader’s attention immediately.
  • Present your evaluation of the particular subject. You opinions could have multiple layers, but you need to state them in a succinct way, in order for the reader to understand you clearly. Avoid repeating yourself or taking too long to get to the point.
  • While writing your evaluation essay, you should provide relevant examples and compelling evidence to support your opinions. You can quote some references that could uphold the viewpoint of yours, or use logical analysis to show the reader that your evaluation makes great sense.
  • Instead of just focusing on your own opinions, you can state some opposing viewpoints in your evaluation essay to show the reader that you are aware about different opinions and views existing on the particular subject matter that you are trying to evaluate. Use quoted references and reasoning evidence to show how the opposing opinions are not correct, or at least less on point than the evaluation of yours.
  • After presenting your main arguments and supporting evidence, you are not done persuading the reader of your evaluation yet. You can add more resources to your supporting evidence in order to give the reader any additional reasons why they should believe your evaluation is correct.
  • At the ending part of your evaluation essay, you should repeat the subject you are giving analysis about. The next is to restate your main points about the particular subject, and summarize why your evaluation is a good one.