What to Do if You Do Not Know What to Write a Paper on

If your teacher does not assign you an essay topic, it can be hard to come up with a fresh and creative topic. If you find yourself in this position, then look online for essay topic lists, free write, hire a writing coach, or go to see your teacher for topic help.

When you do an online topic search you will see that there are hundreds of lists. You should refine your search by using specific key words. You should also search by the type of essay you are writing about for your class.

Another way to find a topic is to do a free-write essay. Just find a quiet spot and grab a pen and paper. Simply begin to free write for at least five minutes. Once you read your free writing you may see a pattern of interest or a re-occurring topic that appeals to you. If you can write about a topic that interests you, you will be more invested in the paper.

Some people do find that writing does not come naturally to them. It is okay if this is y our case. You can hire a writing coach for all of your writing needs. The tutor should have a list of topics ready for you to select from when the teacher assigns the paper. As you begin the paper, the tutor should be able to help you with other parts of the writing assignment as well.

Most writing and English teachers should be able to help you pick a topic for your paper. Go to see your teacher on the extra help day or after school. The teacher will probably have a file folder with topic choices in it that you can pull from for your topic. After a while, then you should consider keeping a topic folder of your own for writing topics.

When the writing teacher or the English teacher assigns an essay, you have several places where you can look for interesting and fresh topics. Do not worry; you will have more interesting topic choices than you know what to do with. Look for online lists, free write for inspiration, and hire a writing coach, or go to see your English teacher for topic help and selection. For future topic choices, consider keeping a folder of topic ideas for choices.