How To Begin An Essay And Catch Reader's Attention

The introduction paragraph is an important element of an essay. It states the purpose while introducing readers to what the essay is about. This section should have enough information to spark the interest of the reader or they may not read the rest of the essay. One aspect to remember is you can include information you want readers to know first. The following aspects are other ideas to consider in catching the reader’s attention at the beginning of an essay.

Add Some Humor

Sometimes catchy content is something funny or humorous. This not only helps readers remember the introduction but it can help set the tone for paper. Depending on your subject matter you may be able to add some humor to help your audience get comfortable with the content. You should also be cautious on much humor you include to keep from getting off the subject. Consider sharing a joke or funny experience; a quote may also be appropriate as long as it fits into the main message of your content.

Share an Unknown Fact or Statistic

This is common for written content that aims to provide specific details readers should know. Depending on your topic or subject area you may be able to share a piece of information readers may not know about. This alone can grab their attention and make them want to know more about the written content. It makes a difference when this information is true or it has a direct effect on the reading audience. Keep in mind it may take some extra time to find information that is different and unusual, but it can make a difference in how your introduction is written.

Ask a Question or Start with a Bold Statement

When you start your introduction with a question you get your readers wondering about what happens next. Asking a question may get the reader to think about their own situation or it may prepare them for your main idea or purpose behind the essay. A bold statement can be something out of the ordinary that catches attention in a significant way, but it can be anything from a famous quote to something inspirational or daring. Keep the subject in mind and consider thinking about what readers would expect to see versus something that may catch them off guard.