Cellphones were invented by Martin Cooper in 1973. Initially they were heavy and massive and were solely meant for communication. The first cellphone was nothing like those we see today. The only option it had was a dial pad like the landline phones. However as technology advances the world changes, and so did the cell phones. They are portable devices that you may carry anywhere with you and make calls to anyone in any part of the world.

The second generation of cell phones was launched in 1980’s introducing the GSM technology. This meant that along with voice calls people may also send text messages from their phones. This was seen as a huge revolution in communication industry. In the next two decades the world saw massive revolutions in the telecommunication area. Both hardware and software adopted many new ways and tools. Apple which will go down in history as the true definition of innovation introduced iPhones-the world’s best android. With the introduction of smartphones and androids every user has now access to internet on the go. Not only that a phone these days is equivalent to a laptop or a PC computer. These new devices have so many functionalities and various mobile apps are launched each day. A person who has a smart phone carries his whole universe with him. You can stay connected at all the social networks. Thanks to cloud computing people can even carry their offices in their phones. The uses are infinite and it is impossible to list them down. It is surprising how these devices have managed to overtake every aspect of human life. The car security system for instance, is a unique feature in smartphones. This feature allows the user to sync his car with his mobile phone and is then able to lock or unlock his car using his phone. Whether it is parked outside his house or is far away. The security feature also sends multimedia messages and conversations in the car to the owner’s phone which can prove to be of great help in case of a robbery.

Cell phones have gone through a massive and gradual change ever since their invention and are supposed to continue evolving as the world progresses. These devices have actually helped man in keeping up with the fast pacing globalization. The whole world is packed in a mere device in your hand. This is but astonishing. They can be used from communication to business, managing your clients and the shares, looking over worldly matters and expressing yourself through social media. Cellphones have become a necessity for an average human.