A List of Great Comparing and Contrasting Essay Topics

If you want a list of great comparing and contrasting essay topics read below:

  • Compare and/or contrast different learning styles or teaching styles
  • Compare and/or contrast different management styles
  • Compare and/or contrast poverty around the world
  • Compare and/or contrast caste systems either formal or informal around the world
  • Compare and/or contrast different behavioral patterns
  • Compare and/or contrast different family values
  • Compare and/or contrast different healthy lifestyles
  • Compare and/or contrast different body types
  • Compare and/or contrast different diet plans
  • Compare and/or contrast different housing styles
  • Compare and/or contrast different governments
  • Compare and/or contrast different historic peace treaties
  • Compare and/or contrast methods for dealing with a post conflict society

You can of course take any side in this and write only comparisons or only those things which contrast. You can write both if your paper is long enough to cover it.

These types of essays will generally be following a certain format. The thesis has to be defined and needs to be narrow enough in scope for it to be supported within the essay itself. Every paragraph providing support has to have a controlling topic and the other sentences will need to relate to it in a factual way. Any transitions should be used in such a way that they both reinforce the already-present logic of the paper and help the reader to follow everything. The conclusion has to restate the thesis and the supporting ideas. The final statement should help to reinforce the position that you have taken in a way that is both meaningful and will be remembered by the reader. The conclusion is not the place to introduce any new material. Choose a topic that you have familiarity with to write this type of essay well.

Make sure you revise the finished piece before submission. The revisions will generally consist of these things:

  1. You have to find the right words to put your thoughts down on the paper.
  2. You need to fix any grammar, spelling, or errors in the typography itself.
  3. You have to make sure that you have tight paragraphs which are placed in the correct sequences.
  4. You have to make sure that you transition properly from one topic to another in a way that makes sense to both you and to the reader.