10 Narrative Essay Topics Ideas to Use

Narrative essays allow you to show the reader more of yourself, because the form allows you the elasticity and flexibility to express your point of view. A narrative essay form looks at the story from your point of view. A narrative is a story, right? Don’t let it be boring. Here is a little revival in life for those of you with a story that doesn’t add up.

Narrative construction

  • Introduction. Here is where you take your reader to bed or lose them forever. An effective introduction will interest your reader, set the tone, and inform s/he as to why they should keep reading.
  • Body paragraph. “Show, don’t tell”, conjures up terrible memories of high school writing assignments. But it is true. A successful writer will provide the reader an experience as close as possible to the reality lived through. All five senses (sight, sound, touch, smell and taste) can be described. So use them. Let the story reflect how it felt to you at the time. Don’t cheat your reader out of the experience. Do you like suspense? Assume your reader does and find a way to incorporate it.
  • Conclusion. You have the beginning and the middle, here is the end. Show, (don’t tell) how the story ended and how you were affected.

Write about something personal, an event that evoked feelings or emotions you have not felt before, or flip it around and be descriptive by writing about how a similar event made someone else feel. Don’t let the term “topic” prevent you from writing about experiences specific to yourself. This is expository writing at its finest, and if you don’t care about important pieces of your life, it will show in the way you choose to depict it on paper. If you are reading this, you probably have a fifty-fifty chance of describing...um...anything. But aim high, and be all you can be while you’re at it.


  • Why I eat paint chips
  • Why I should have stopped eating paint chips; like, way earlier.
  • How I learned to write dialogue (poorly)
  • Jihad is NOT a girl’s name: Learning the hard way
  • Video games...I used to be really good at them
  • How will this list end?
  • How I disappear completely
  • Why I want nothing to do with myself
  • How I know others feel the same way
  • Why I like trains