Car culture in the United States has had a very great impact on the culture of the country as we know it. This today is very evident in our music, movies and several day to day activities in the American lives. The American economy after the world war two switched from producing war related products into producing consumer goods. After a few years, the automobile industry became very popular and most people developed businesses directly or indirectly linked to this industry. Drive through restaurants and theatres became the new generation of service business which mostly targeted customers who owned private cars.

With the increased number of privately owned cars, the interstate system was developed. This is a network of freeways enhancing the accessibility of different locations in the country. A well-developed transport system is one of the reasons the country is a superpower and very highly industrialized. The fast growth of automobile industry which pushed for fast growth of the freeways or rather the interstate enabled the modern American culture as we know it. This became a symbol of freedom for the middle class in the United States of America. Besides quicker transport service, owning a car indicated an individual social level and his/her influence to the rest of the world. 

With better road network, the automobile industry started developing much faster cars and relatively cheaper cars. This made it possible for people to live away from their working locations hence suburbanization began. Land developers started buying and developing cheaper houses outside the city. With the interstates and faster cars it became possible to live outside the city and work in the city. Levittown a suburb of Philadelphia was among the first suburbs to be developed and the city itself experienced a decline in the population resulting to low tax revenue. With these fast cars suburbia life for the American people was made possible and the automobile industry became even more essential. 

During the year 1943, the automobile industry was very active in fighting for the human rights. It pushed for women to be given full employment contracts as truck drivers. Today women have equal rights as men in the United States which is a point of pride to the American people. 

Almost half of the populations in America today live in the suburbs. They have personal expensive well build cars which are a symbol of freedom and individuality to them. They have family cars for their family and basically almost every household in the United States has an access to a car for day to day services. The cultures of the modern America has been shaped, and built around automobiles.