Articles for Purchase- Is There Some Trick To It?

For the past two years I have been working as a professional writer for hire, selling my services to nearly anyone who is willing to pay, and taking on jobs of all shapes and sizes just to make a living with my writing skills. Most of the work that I do is fairly standard web content, business documents, and press releases occasionally I get asked to complete other people’s projects because they are working on a tight deadline. Most of the time, the content that I write is for a private contractor who does not always disclose what the project is for, in this case I would assume it was their assignment that they were unable to complete.

As someone who has first hand experience writing articles that people have purchased, I can honestly tell you there is no trick to it. You can hire a freelance writer to write nearly anything and for a reasonable rate they will complete the job. It isn’t really a complicated transaction, just like anything else that you buy from a contractor, they do the work you pay them they revoke all rights to the final content.

Purchasing Academic Papers From A Professional Writer

The next question you are probably asking is, what about my college assignments can I purchase that from a professional creative writer?

Well, that is where the morality lines get a bit blurred. Technically yes. You Can! Since I usually take academic jobs with a “don’t ask don’t tell” kind of attitude, I have no idea if some of the work that I have completed was handed in and graded. Personally I prefer this way because it wasn’t to long ago that I was a student myself staying up all night to complete a paper that was due the next morning. I know what its like to be stressed over deadlines and grade point averages, so I really don’t blame anyone who delegates their paper in a pinch.

However, if I knew that a student was hiring me to complete an academic paper I am not certain how I would feel about that. Not only would it affect the way that I approached the assignment it would also make me slightly uncomfortable knowing that this student was essentially cheating themselves of the learning experience.

I am not saying that of you thinking about hiring a writer to complete your college or university paper that you shouldn’t do it. My recommendation is that you examine all your options. I would be completely happy to edit or revise someone’s draft paper, or offer them mentoring on a project instead of writing the entire thing for them. Getting help writing your paper is completely different in the morality spectrum as hiring someone to write the entire thing for you.