Compare and Contrast Disney's Little Mermaid and Mulan


In the modern world, men would hesitate to express the place of a woman as that of the kitchen. This is due to the extent of equality between men and women which has continued to progress over the years. Children are not aware of the conflicts that exist in the society. It is for this reason that children’s movies and fairytales are being used to educate children about issues regarding history, social equality, and moral values and so on. The stories and movies used are meant to be fun-filled and witty as they seek to educate children about women empowerment and the historical aspect behind the characters involved.


Disney’s Mulan relates to The Little Mermaid since both depict the female as being independent and with unique personalities. Ariel who is the lead character in the Little Mermaid is seen as being adventurous, courageous and daring with the way she decides to act concerning the love she had for the seafaring Prince Eric. Disney portrays Mulan as being an exceptional and brave woman who does not only fights for her happiness, but also takes into consideration the well-being of her family as well as that of the entire country. Mulan is determined as she ventures to find self-definition. This propelled her to disguise herself as a man and eventually manages to save her country. Both stories introduce children to the women empowerment. Both ladies are seen to be selfless, brave and independent.


Disney’s Mulan is often seen as a feminist movie while that of the Little Mermaid is seen as a love story. The reason being Chinese’s history is one that has uncountable restrictions placed upon women. Women are often restricted from acquiring any position of power and awarded such duties as cleaning, cooking and caring for her family. Mulan sought to reverse this. Mulan is injured in the struggle to win the battle and the secret of her disguise is revealed. She is left behind despite her injury while her company proceeded to celebrate the victory which actually belonged to Mulan.  The Little Mermaid story is however different with characters involved in love issues. The Mermaid is in love with the Prince who in turn marries another princess with the belief that she is the one who saved his life. It is because of love that Ariel did not kill the prince in order to save herself. She went to an extent of signing her soul away if the prince were not to fall in love with her.