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Carrie Clark, Executive Director
carrie [at] conservationcouncilnc [dot] org

Dan Crawford, Director of Governmental Relations
dan [at] conservationcouncilnc [dot] org

Alina Johnson, Federal Policy Liaison
alina [at] conservationcouncilnc [dot] org

Debra Rezeli, Director of Marketing & Development
debra [at] conservationcouncilnc [dot] org

Robin Smith, Enforcement Coordinator
robin [at] conservationcouncilnc [dot] org
c 828.215.9715

Raleigh Mailing Address
PO Box 12671
Raleigh, NC 27605

fax: 919.839.0767

We are located at 112 S. Blount Street in Raleigh—just a few blocks from the General Assembly.

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