Letter of Appeal

In a case where you have been treated unfairly in a certain situation, a letter of appeal could possibly help you solve your problem. In a letter of appeal, you can state your case and tell your story to help the other party see things in a different light. You could be appealing a decision in regards to your education, finances, legal rights, and any other issues that may come your way. There is a particular and proper way to write a letter of appeal.

You should write your paper in a business letter format. Try to keep your emotions out of the letter. The reader will be able to sense your tone and get a negative feeling from the beginning. Make sure you are very detailed in describing the events that occurred and your reasons for appealing their decision. It is important to refer to any documentations or handbooks as a guide for sticking to the facts of the matter at hand. Also include a conclusion in your appeal. Summarize everything that you have gone over, and make sure your point is clear and concise.

Your first paragraph should define your purpose for writing the letter of appeal. Do not get too detailed, this is merely an introduction to the problem. Include the name of the person who made the original decision and make sure you are clear as to what outcome you wish to receive. In writing the second paragraph this is where you are going to be more detailed and explain the details of the matter as well as your story. Make sure you put it in the order in which they happened. Now would be the time to mention any evidence that you may have that might help you win your case of appeal. Make sure you remain calm and respectful when stating this information.

Your next paragraph should detail why you should be granted an appeal and why the ruling should be changed in your favor. Also make sure that you thank them for considering your appeal. Sign your letter in blue or black ink and proofread it while also including any documentary evidence that will help them make their decision. Make sure you make copies of all documentation for your records. This is the proper way to present your appeal so you have a better chance at being successful. The more organized you are, the better chances you have of having your appeal granted.