Psychoactive Drugs

Drugs provide therapeutic relief, treatment and combat illnesses. These are simply among the distinguishing features of drugs, which warrant many scientists to conduct studies with the goal of creating and enhancing different medicinal substances. However, over the years there had been provisions in the law which calls for certain drugs to be recall and banned for public circulation. Among these include many psychoactive drugs like the “magic mushroom” and marijuana. The regulating agencies tried to justify this decision by highlighting the negative effects of these drugs. Nevertheless, according to several physicians and medical professionals there is the need to review the law banning many of these drugs because developments in the field of pharmacology has been significant enough to reverse or lessen the ill effects of many of the medications under the lists of restricted and prohibited drugs.

Nature of Psychoactive Drugs

Psychoactive drugs are substances that affect the central nervous system. Therefore, these type of drugs influence brain functioning, which alters perception, consciousness, behavior and cognition. Therapeutic wise, this type of drug also functions as an analgesic or anesthetic medication. Psychoactive drugs are used to treat several conditions. However, this drug serves different purposes like manage pain, mental and emotional disorders and even to alter the state of an individual’s consciousness during medical operation or procedure which requires patient not to be fully alert.

However, aside from the therapeutic and medical use of psychoactive drugs it is also widely used as a recreational drug. Some users consider psychoactive medications as a recreational drug because of its ability to alter one’s state of consciousness thereby fostering an elated sensation.

Dependence and Abuse of Psychoactive Medications

Unfortunately, many users tend to abuse the substance which eventually led to drug dependence and addiction. Due to the recreational purpose of psychoactive drug and its effect on the individual’s state of consciousness, this type of drug has been identified as highly addictive substances. In addition, this drug also fell under the category of stimulants and amphetamines which potentially makes it addicting. Stimulants and amphetamines foster several effects like hallucination, elation and stimulation of the senses giving the user a floating-like feeling which is pleasant and inviting. Thus, many are encourage to use this medication even without the necessary prescription.

Laws on Psychoactive Drugs

The potential for abuse and the risk of creating drug dependent individuals urges the government to prohibit the production, distribution, sales and use of psychoactive medications. In addition, several fatal incidents had already been connected with psychoactive drug abuse including coma, psychosis and even death. These prompted several institutions to create a law that would prohibit drug. However, some advocates argue that this initiative curtails scientific liberty because the law covers research and studies conducted using the indicated substances. Some pharmacology experts and chemists, a number of psychoactive medications under the prohibited lists are in fact, medicinal. Although there are impeding dangers to abusing these substances there are already modern technological breakthroughs which can address this concern. However, the people in-charge in studying these drugs has their hands tied because the existing law is restricting them. Some argue that by enforcing this law, it breach scientific liberty to study, develop, enhance and create new techniques and aid in their respective fields.


Modern technology had been use to alter the lives of many with technological breakthroughs being discovered almost on a daily basis. This includes the field of medicine and pharmacology. However, when legal imperatives confront these breakthroughs in technology then it would be difficult to proceed with advancement. Nevertheless, it should not be construe that society should do away with the legal aspects of technology. In fact, it only initiate that these laws be taken under review given that majority of these provisions had been written several years back. The law and technology should be allies in delivering what is best for people. It should not stand in the way of another in the quest to improve people’s lives.