50 Great Essays - Where to Find Examples?

For those hunting for examples of fifty great essays, and running into problems finding what they’re looking for, this guide can help.

The Problem with Finding Great Essays

The internet is a great resource for finding exceptional essays, but many searchers find they’re still having difficulty finding the essay examples they want.

It’s not because there’s any shortage of great essays available online—there are thousands, if not millions of such essays. It’s usually because there are so many essays available that the search isn’t turning up what the person looking has in mind. That’s easy enough to fix by following the steps below, however.

Topic, Style, & Structure

Usually when someone’s looking for great essay examples online, they actually can narrow down what they’re looking for quite a bit. Even if they may just be thinking “essays,” what they really want is something significantly more specific. Essays can be categorized in three major ways.

  • Topic
  • The subject of the essay. Example topics would be “Edgar Allen Poe,” “Great Writers of the 20th Century,” “Most Innovative Video Games of 2013,” and so forth.

  • Style
  • This refers to the writing style. There are formal styles, conversational styles, narrative styles, humorous styles, and so forth.

  • Structure
  • Structure is a bit trickier to define, but is probably more pertinent to your search. Different essays set out to accomplish different goals. There are editorial essays, which are meant to express an opinion; analytical essays, which might dissect a piece of literature or a cultural behavior and provide evidence for the author’s thesis; and scientific essays, which present the results of an experiment or research and the author’s conclusion.

Note that every essay has a topic, a style, and a structure. There are of course many more topics, styles, and structures than those listed here. But understanding these categories will make finding fifty great essay examples much easier.

Where to Find the Right Kinds of Examples?

To find fifty great example essays, it’s best to incorporate search terms that indicate what categories the essay might fall under. All three categories need not be defined, but including terms for at least two will make it much more productive. Instead of a search for fifty great essays, someone could search for “humorous essays about childhood,” for example. Another example might be “scientific essays about dolphins.” Searching in this manner will turn up many useful results almost instantly.