How to complete an essay in 2 days

Writing an essay with just days to spare may seem impossible. Yet, there are students who feel they write better under pressure, or things have been so hectic they realize time is running out and they need to get started as soon as possible but remain optimistic. There are a few things you can do in helping yourself get your content written quickly. Depending on what you need for your topic, you may be able to divide the process between the 2 days to make it easier on yourself. The following points can help in deciding how to play your time wisely to get your essay completed by the deadline.

  • Have an outline created to help you structure and organize your data. This is a rough estimate of where your information would appear on the page. As you take notes you would plug in your notes on your outline. The outline may have the entire essay format broken into smaller parts or sections to make it easier for you to organize your information.
  • Try to do all of your research at one time. It helps to stick to a time frame in how long you spend time researching your topic. If you are able to collect enough information you may be able to start writing about your topic sooner than you think. Part of your research may include seeking sample essays. This can give a good idea on how to present your findings and what information you should be focused on finding for your topic.
  • Make sure you follow instructions and guidelines for your assignment. Make note of any special requests such as formatting or proofreading needs. You may need to plan accordingly to ensure you can fulfill requests stated to avoid losing points or getting a lower grade.
  • When you have completed research for your topic and gather notes, start writing your rough draft. You can focus on getting the information organized and structured into complete sentences and paragraphs. Once you have finished writing you can go back over what you have read and begin revising and refining your content.
  • Make time to correct errors and mistakes. Proofread and edit your content to ensure it is clear, concise and presentable. Review your thesis statement or main point of the essay. Make sure you have enough data to sufficiently support your main idea.